La Marzocco Leva X

La Marzocco Leva X

Introducing the iconic La Marzocco Leva X, the machine thats visual design and exceptional engineering makes it a great feature for specialty coffee shops. La Marzocco have intentionally lowered the profile of this machine, drawing attention to the inventive lever design and to encourage customer engagement. The physical beauty of this machine is not its only attraction, the engineering is any baristas dream. From the improvement of temperature stability to the digital display, we highly reccomend considering this machine for your cafe or restaurant.

Ideal for: cafe, restaurant, specialty coffee


Some of the best features include:

Independent Boilers: Separate boilers for each group head allow barista to optimize temperature for individual coffees.
PID (steam boiler): Allows you to electronically control steam boiler temperature.
Smart PID (coffee boiler): An advanced PID control greatly improves the machine’s temperature stability.
Hot Water Economizer: Enables you to fine-tune the tap water temperature for tea.
Tall Cups: Allows you to use the machine with tall, to-go cups.
Insulated Boilers: Reduce energy consumption while contributing to temperature stability.
Exposed Groups: Ergonomics and workspace visibility.
Saturated Groups: Ensure unsurpassed thermal stability, shot after shot.
Graphic Display: Intuitive programming makes it easy to adjust machine parameters
Military-grade steam potentiometer: Proportional steam valves facilitates machine usability and maintenance while improving its durability.
Portafilters & Precision Baskets: Stainless steel portafilters and precision baskets improve your cup quality and consistency.
Performance Touch Steam Wands: High performing steam wands that are cool to the touch.
Eco Mode: Can be programmed to enter stand-by mode, improving energy efficiency.
USB: Making it possible to update the firmware.

Additional information


2 Group: 775mm (H) X 800mm (W) X 645mm (D)
3 Group: 775mm (H) X 102mm (W) X 645mm (D)


2 Group: 99 Kg
3 Group: 129 Kg


200V Single/3 Phase
220V Single/3 Phase
380V 3 Phase

Wattage Elements

2 Group: 5700 W
3 Group: 7800 W

Coffee Boiler

2 Group: 2 x 1.3 L
3 Group: 3 x 1.3 L

Steam Boiler

2 Group: 8.2
3 Group: 11.8